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Benefits of our Elderberry Syrup

           Each of our ingredients has been thoughtfully added to create a wonderful immune supporting Elderberry Syrup.

  • Organic Elderberries- Powerful Immune Booster, Eases Allergies, Anti-viral, Sinus Infection Aid.

  • Organic Rosehips- Rich in Vitamin C, Great Anti-Inflammatory, Helps Support Immune System.

  • Organic Hibiscus- Rich in Vitamin C, Improves Digestion, Loaded with Antioxidants.

  • Organic Echinacea- Natural Antibiotic, Immune Booster, Bacterial Fighter, Fights Infection.

  • Ceylon Cinnamon- Aids in digestion, Antioxidants, Antibacterial.

  • Raw Honey- Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Contains Powerful Antioxidants, Effective against Allergies.


Jenn is the best, excellent customer service! And great tasting elderberry!


Jenn is the best and her elderberry syrup and kits are beyond amazing!!


Just try it, I did and I’m amazed. I feel better and my allergies are so much better! I’m hooked!


This is also great for us older folks!!

My husband battled morning congestion for years.

His doctor said it was a side effect of his meds.

He started taking a TB each morning and the relief was almost immediate ( 2-3 days )

My winter allergies are starting to kick in and I am taking it also. My runny, itchy nose and sneezing stopped on Day One.

Since I live in South Carolina I am purchasing the DIY kits so I can use our local honey. It’s so easy to make! We’ve been taking it now for almost a year.

Thank you, Jenn!!!

-Patricia & Wes

The best elderberry, with an excellent taste!


I have a child with a weak immune system, someone turned us on to elderberry syrup for him & we have been using it regularly... went into my sons pharmacy & saw a flyer for Jenn's and I looked at it and realized this was even better than what I was getting in the store (and more for my buck and local!!!) my son loves the taste of this - and he doesn't like the taste of much in his mouth - tube fed babe here! thank you Jenn for amazing elderberry!!!!


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